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Love can wait for me.

"No one will take my dragons."

game of thrones meme
 → one queen/king [1/1] • Daenerys 


WOW. These are absolutely beautiful. 

League of Legends Intern Champion Concepts sponsored by Riot | Yangtian Li

Azir, the Emperor of the Sands Champion Reveal

this is fucking terrifying



I smell it in the air. It’s coming.


Halloween season.

this post genuinly made me really excited

for me it’s a month filled with fake blood, latex and endless youtube videos on how to look injured…

...If I ask, will you answer? ...It's your problem. A deep, deep problem. I have no right to know. I don't have a method of stepping into the depths of your heart without getting it dirty. So I'll wait. When you want to talk, when you think it's okay to talk... Talk to me. Until that time, I'll wait."

-Rukia Kuchiki.

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